Tags We Used Today

<html> starts off the code and tells us what type of document it’s going to be

<DOCTYPE> what type of document you have

<head> the form of the header

<p> showing the code in a paragraph

<body> the format of the document



Website Tags

       I didn’t see any of the tags in my website code, but I know what some of them mean. HTML is a coding link that can be used in the World Wide Web, so you can access a website from anywhere in the world. I think a Paragraph is multiple codes in one place. Body is the main portion of the website and Paragraphs makeup that coding. Lastly, Head is the header/top of the coding. I’m not sure what a Doctype is, but I’m mostly positive that it has something to do with documents because it has “doc” in it.


Which App Would You Use and Why?

I would use either the Teenage Dream Job or the Perfect Foods App. I’d use those apps because once I am able to work, I know for sure it will be difficult to get hired. With that app, I would be able to find hiring jobs in a breeze. I would also use the Perfect Foods app because I’m always indecisive on where I want to eat. With that app, I’m able to enter all the desired information, and I wouldn’t be self-conflicted on what/where to eat for my next meal.

Apps and Exploring

This problem the software addresses is translating between two different languages.

In this app, input is the sentence in its original language. Output is the sentence in the language you translated it in. Storage is the dictionary for each of the languages. Lastly, process is how the computer translated the sentence from Spanish to English.


The definition of algorithm is a specific set of instructions in order to calculate a solution for a problem.

In this activity, we used the safe spot (the sticky-notes) in order to store information.

One time where I looked for the smallest of something, was when I went dress shopping. I was trying to find a dress that I liked with the smallest price I could.

Sorting Challenges ♠♣♥♦

What was challenging about this sorting activity was we were competing against other people for the fastest time. Also, the cards were slippery, so it was hard to pick up the cards without wasting time. Another challenging thing was we were not allowed to communicate with our partner. That was difficult because in order to get work done efficiently, communication is the key.